Commercial Insurance

When you’re in business, you are focused on what the business needs to grow and flourish. The inventory must grow, staffing, equipment, and other issues demand your time and attention. One facet of business that shouldn’t be overlooked is adequately commercial insurance. These policies protect various aspects of the business through its daily operation and as it grows. There are three main policy areas: property, liability and workers compensation. In general terms, property insurance covers the physical structure that houses the business, inventory and its equipment. Liability coverage addresses issues that arise should someone has begun injured at the business location or sustain an injury from the product due to the business’ negligence. It can also cover issues relating to copyright infringement, libel or slander. Workers compensation protects should an employee be injured on the job. Given the business type, more specialized policies may be needed. For instance, if the business maintains business vehicles, they will need commercial auto insurance coverage. The team at Leon Insurance LLC understand the challenges that Maryland business owners face every day. They are ready to work with you to get the coverage your business needs.


As a small growing business in Maryland, basic coverage may be all that is needed. As it grows, the business’ insurance needs may also change. If it is a professional corporation, such a physician’s office, this will also present different coverage needs. At Leon Insurance LLC, the agents can help you determine what types of coverage would provide the optimal protection for a business’ operations. They will take the time to understand the operation, assets and client interaction to make the best recommendations for the business. For the investment of a little bit of time, the commercial entity that you nurture every day will be protected from several threats. So, visit their website for general information, then call or visit to discuss your commercial insurance needs with an agent today.


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