Life Insurance

Nothing is worse than losing a loved one but undergoing financial stress during that time can make it even more difficult to focus on the grieving process and find a way to move forward. Life is unpredictable, but that it ends is one prediction that always comes true. You may not have a high-risk job that gets a reality series on cable television, but even office workers contend with everyday risks like unexpected illness or braving the dangers of other drivers on the road. That is why responsible heads of households take out life insurance policies that can at least offset the financial pain of their passing.

Life insurance comes in two primary forms: term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Term life insurance policies last for a set duration, while permanent life insurance policies last until death as long as the premiums are paid. Term-based policies typically do not accrue value and may require more medical examinations if you wish to renew, but the premiums are lower compared to equal-value whole life policies. Whole life policies do tend to have more value and save you from follow-up medical examinations, but the details of the policy are much more complex and should be discussed with a financial advisor in addition to the insurance agency selling the policy.

Leon Insurance LLC can help Maryland residents find the right mix of term and permanent life insurance options that work with their asset level and the likelihood of a mortal incident. If you are concerned about those you might leave behind, then you owe it to them ask for a consultation from a reputable insurance agency that is properly licensed by the Maryland Insurance Administration to offer policies. The agents at Leon Insurance LLC can guide you through the insurance purchasing process, from understanding the basics of how life insurance works to the details that govern premiums and payouts.

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