Motorcycle Insurance

Known as General Motorcycle Insurance and Off-Road Vehicle Insurance, Maryland motorcycle insurance covers rides on a wide range of bikes and off-road vehicles with a variety of coverage options that satisfy the requirements in the State of Maryland. We will focus on the requirements for individuals with recreational motorcycle usage only.

Uninsured Coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage permits us to acquire payment for injuries or damages to our vehicle when struck by an uninsured motorist who is at fault. This coverage also allows us to acquire payment from the at-fault driver who has insurance but not enough to cover all accident expenses.

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Coverage

This type of coverage protects us if another individual, including a passenger, claims bodily injury or property damage from an accident when we are at fault. With this coverage, we have no obligation to the other party unless all damages exceed the policy limit.

Medical Payment Coverage

Medical Payment Coverage only applies to pedestrians if we have struck them with our motorcycle. This coverage pays for a portion of the cost of medical treatment (depending on the damage). This coverage is not provided for another passenger or vehicle operator.

Minimum Liability Coverage

Maryland requires that all motorcycle drivers carry minimum coverage. These include bodily injury individual and total accident, as well as, property damage. The typical policy covers property damage and bodily injury to the non-fault party in the case it is our fault.

Optional Liability Coverage

There are a variety of options for coverage higher than the state-requirement minimum. Known as, “Other than Collision” policies, these are cover us when there is damage from contact with an animal, an earthquake, explosion, breakage of glass, hail, water, fire, lightning, vandalism, flood, wind, missile, riot, theft or smoke. This coverage is subject to policy exclusions and deductibles.

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